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The First Bog (or is it blog?)

Very cool

Sunday, February 10, 2002

I am making a bog because a girl named olivia made one and they seem like fun. From now on on my posts u will be hearing blog refured to as bog. Dont send me spam or i will hit you with a ham. Welcome to Atlanta where the players play and we ride on them things like everyday

Cory: Quiere a viene conmigo a mi casa?
Olivia: Si
Cory: Como esta?
Olivia: Muy bien, gracias. Y tu?
Cory: Muy bien pero yo creo tu es muy fea y gorda
Olivia: No me gusta Ud.!!
Cory: Pero Olivia, Te amo! Te adoro!
Olivia: No, mi madre no es medico!!!!!!

Vivo en la casa cerca la escuela.
Conozco Atlanta
Tracy McGrady is the best basketball player ever
I have his new shoes
The T-mac 2's

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